Executive Committee

Serves as the executive branch of the Faculty Senate but shall not legislate; establishes the agenda for Faculty Senate and general faculty meetings; appoints a parliamentarian; creates special committees and appoints chairs; receives reports from ad hoc, Faculty Senate, standing, and search committees; submits requests for consideration of business by faculty members; resolves jurisdictional disputes among committees; oversees preparation and distribution of the Faculty Senate’s annual report; coordinates the faculty’s role in the revision of The Greenbook; forwards items for consideration and legislation, etc…

Member Department College Term Expires Term #
Tracy Christofero (Chair) Marketing, MIS, and Entrepreneurship COB 2022 2
Eryn Roles (Assistant Chair) Libraries and Online Learning ULIB 2022 2
Sujoy Bose (Recording Secretary) Physical Therapy COHP 2022 3
Philippe Georgel Biological Science COS 2022 1
Tim Melvin Grad Sch Ed/Prof Dev COEPD 2022 1
Marybeth Beller Political Science COLA 2022 1
Subha Arthur Clinical Research Development SOM 2022 1
Ruhul Amin Pharmaceutical Practice SOP 2022 1
Mark Zanter Journalism & Mass Communications CAM 2022 1

Ex-Officio, Voting Members

Lori Howard Graduate Council @ MUGC Chair 2022
Amine Oudghiri-Otmani Advisory Council of Faculty Faculty 2023

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members

Robin Riner MU Board of Governors Faculty
Allison Carey Council of Chairs Faculty


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Tracy Christofero - Chair
Eryn Roles - Assistant Chair
Sujoy Bose - Recording Secretary


Amie Maynard - Administrative Associate