Summer Research Award

The Research Committee solicits applications for funding of summer research and creative endeavors. These funds are awarded on a competitive basis to librarians and full-time faculty who hold nine-month appointments. Faculty who are not returning to Marshall University in the fall are not eligible to receive an award. Funds are largely unrestricted, but are intended to support specific research projects that will enhance the reputation of Marshall University and the professional standing of the recipient. Use of these funds to conduct research that may be the basis for securing other extramural funding is particularly encouraged.


A project summary of approximately 400 words must also be submitted to the Faculty Senate Office via email at no later than the first day of the following Spring Semester. A manuscript intended for publication may be submitted in lieu of the summary. Recipients must adhere to grant requirements. Failure to do so will disqualify applicants from future opportunities from this fund.


The recipient is expected to have adequate time to do the proposed research. Therefore, the committee is unlikely to give high priority to faculty teaching several summer sessions. The committee will not give two awards for two faculty members working on the same project. It will declare any joint application or any separate applications for the same project ineligible for funding. The Research Committee will not provide funding for any portion of a project that is also funded under faculty development grants. The project cannot be funded by other Marshall funding mechanism.

Method of Review

The application will be reviewed by the appropriate subcommittee of the Research Committee on the basis of the significance and quality of the proposal. A subcommittee representing each college will be selected and will consist of the college’s representative to the Research Committee and at least two other full graduate faculty members from that college. Each application will be judged by the criteria noted above. Each application will receive a priority score and those scores will be used to determine the order of funding. The number of grants allocated to each college will be proportionate to the number of eligible applications received from that college. A report regarding both the previous year’s college competition for summer research grants and the criteria employed by the applicant’s college may be obtained from the applicant’s representative on the Research Committee.

Note: If you experience trouble submitting this form, please remove all commas from currency values. For example, instead of entering 2,000, enter 2000. Also, please leave out dollar signs. The form will not accept them.

You will receive a confirmation email once your application is successfully submitted. If you did not receive email confirmation, please try resubmitting your application. Please contact us at or 304-696-4376, prior to the application deadline, if you experience any problems with your submission.

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