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Connect to WiFi

Marshall provides wireless network services for Marshall University students, faculty, staff and guests.

  • MU WiFi: Secure Wi-Fi to be used by students, faculty, and staff
  • MU_Guest: open Wi-Fi network for guests and visitors
  • eduroam: Secure Wi-Fi network that can be used by students and staff at Marshall University when they travel to other participating universities

It is important to understand how to set up Wi-Fi for use at home, at school, and in public places. A safe configuration is one where your data will remain private and protected when transmitted via wireless.  Marshall University provides a safe configuration for MU WiFi that can be used by all students, faculty and staff.  This network requires clients to sign in with their university username and password.

Due to COVID-19, here are some Helpful Links about free and low cost Internet Access / Data Charges

• Check that you are connecting to the correct network.
• Forget the WIFI network then connect.
• Turn WIFI off then on to recalibrate the connection.
• Check that your device has all available updates installed.


Click here for a downloadable pdf

        1. Once logged into your computer, navigate to the bottom right of your screen. There should be a clear or grayed out, wireless icon of indicator bars with a star above. Click the wireless icon.
        2. The available Wifi options should appear. Choose “MU WiFi”, “MU_Guest”, or other options (see this page for MU choice descriptions). Choose the network, ensure “Connect Automatically” is check, and sign in.
        3. Sign in with your MU Username and Password.
        4. If you have successfully connected, the status will change to “Connected” and the wireless icon in the lower right toolbar with change for empty (gray) to filled (white) depending on how strong the signal is.

Click here for a downloadable pdf

          1. Click the Airport icon at the top right hand corner of the screen.
          2. Click on MU WiFi network.
          3. Enter your MUNet Username and Password.
          4. Click OK.
          5. You will be prompted to enter your system password. This is the password that you set for your computer.
          6. You can check to see if your device is connected by looking at your WiFi icon in the upper right hand edge of your Mac.

Click here for a downloadable pdf

            1. Go to Settings.
            2. Select WiFi.
            3. Select MU WiFi.
            4. Enter your MUNet credentials and select Join.
            5. Select Trust to accept the security certificate.
            6. MU Wifi will display a check mark when connected.

Click here for a downloadable pdf

              1. Go to Settings and select WiFi.
              2. Select MU Wifi.
              3. Use the following settings and press Connect:
                EAP Method: PEAP
                Phase 2 authentication: None
                CA certificate: (unspecified)
                Identity: MUNetUsername
                Anonymous identity: leave blank
                Password: MUNetpassword
              4. MU WiFi will display “Connected” when connected.

Click here for a downloadable pdf

                1. Log into using MUNet Credentials.
                2. Next, choose Internet Settings Icon.
                3. Choose Connection Settings.
                4. Choose New Connection.
                5. Choose Manual Setup.
                6. Choose Search for Access point.
                7. Your 3DS will begin to search for an access point. When the search completes, choose NUDeviceNet.
                8. Your 3DS will report that the access point will be saved. Choose Okay.
                9. Choose Okay to test the connection.

Click here for a downloadable pdf

                  1. On your web browser, navigate to and sign in with your MUNet username and password.
                  2. Here you can manage your devices, and add new ones to the network. To add a new devices, click Add.
                  3. Here you will need to type the device name, a description for the device, and the MAC or physical address for the device. An address will consist of 12 alphanumeric characters and must be entered into the system as 6 alphanumeric number pairs separated by colons: A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6. Click Submit once you are finished.
                  4. If successful, your device will appear in the Your Devices list.

Guest Access

Sponsor a Guest on MU Guest WiFi (for users with an MUNet account)

Create your own account for MU Guest WiFi (PDF Step by step instructions)

Create your own account for MU Guest WiFi (Knowledge Base instructions)

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