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Connect to WiFi

Marshall provides wireless network services for Marshall University students, faculty, staff and guests.

  • MU WiFi: Secure Wi-Fi to be used by students, faculty, and staff
  • MU_Guest: open Wi-Fi network for guests and visitors
  • eduroam: Secure Wi-Fi network that can be used by students and staff at Marshall University when they travel to other participating universities

It is important to understand how to set up Wi-Fi for use at home, at school, and in public places. A safe configuration is one where your data will remain private and protected when transmitted wirelessly.  Marshall University provides a safe configuration for MU WiFi that can be used by all students, faculty and staff.  This network requires clients to sign in with their university username and password.

Due to COVID-19, here are some Helpful Links about free and low cost Internet Access / Data Charges

Troubleshoot WiFi Connectivity Issues
Windows 10
Nintendo DS
Game Console/TV/Roku/AppleTV

Guest Access

Sponsor a Guest on MU Guest WiFi (for users with an MUNet account)

Create your own account for MU Guest WiFi (Step by step instructions)

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