The mission of the School of Music is to prepare students for careers in performance, education, and other music-related fields who will make a positive impact on their artistic discipline and on schools and communities. Additionally, the School will provide enriching experiences for those who will continue their musical activities as an avocation; and to cultivate within the region an increased awareness of the educational, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of music.

In fulfilling its mission, the department is committed to the following goals:

  • To provide a nurturing environment for musical, academic and personal growth.
  • To educate students to think critically, work creatively, communicate effectively, and become technologically literate.
  • To function as a visible, responsible and responsive student-centered department dedicated to academic excellence.
  • To maintain a faculty of musicians/teachers who, through dedication to excellence, sound pedagogy and effective communication skills, present models that inspire students to achieve their full potential.
  • To meet educational, research, and service needs of the region through collaboration with academic and technical institutions, businesses, government agencies, and cultural organizations.
  • To contribute to the cultural life of the University and community by providing concerts, recitals, festivals, joint musical ventures and other services.
  • To provide leadership within the University and the region in all matters pertaining to music.