IT Service Desk Update


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Please choose the instance of Zoom conferencing you need. Each instance uses MUnet credentials for single sign on.

Note: A license is $45/yr./user. This charge is funded centrally for core departments and charged annually in October for non-core departments.

Login using MUNet Credentials here

  • – This instance of Zoom is where most users will login.
  • – Use this instance to meet HIPAA requirement.
  • In the Zoom app choose the SSO option and for the domain enter marshall or marshallsecure based on the information above.

HIPAA Features Enabled

  1. End-To-End Encryption will be enabled for all meetings
  2. Cloud Recording will be disabled.
  3. Remove device/user information in logging and reporting
  4. Encrypted Chat will be enabled. Please note if chat has been disabled, please submit a request to have it enabled.

Encrypted Chat Features

  1. Text messages will be encrypted
  2. Offline messages will only be available after all parties initiate a key exchange
  3. Disable screen capture
  4. Disable sending images

Account Differences

Use the table below to decide if you should

  • Use a free Marshall Zoom Basic account (login required)
  • Email to request a Zoom Pro account (sign up for a free account first).

Advantages of a Zoom Pro account include

  • Removal of the 40-minute time limit on meetings
  • Personal meeting ID customization: we recommend changing this to your desk phone number.
  • The ability to assign another attendee as the meeting host.
  • The ability to assign a co-host for meetings.
  • The ability to add H.323 video conferencing systems to a Zoom meeting.
Basic Pro
Group meetings (up to 300 participants) Included Included
1 to 1 meetings Unlimited (1 concurrent) Unlimited (1 concurrent)
Group meeting duration 40 minutes per meeting Unlimited
Video Conferencing yes yes
Web Conferencing yes yes
Desktop and application sharing yes yes
Personal room or meeting ID yes yes
Instant or scheduled meetings yes yes
Google Chrome and Outlook plug-ins yes yes
MP4 or M4A Local Recording yes yes
Cloud Recording yes
Private and group chat yes yes
Host controls yes yes
Raise hand yes yes
Group Collaboration yes yes
Security yes yes
Advanced Options yes yes
Join by Zoom Rooms yes
Join by H.323/SIP room systems yes
Custom Personal Meeting ID yes
Assign scheduler yes
Assign another attendee as the meeting host yes
Assign a co-host for meetings yes

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