Final MUsic Monday scheduled for April 17

The final lecture of the Marshall University School of Music’s  MUsic Mondays spring series will take place at 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 17, at the Cellar Door, 905 3rd Ave., Huntington. The series, titled “Music and Communication,” investigates various ways in which music communicates from the listener’s and the composer’s viewpoint.

Monday’s lecture, “At the Edge of Mortality: Beethoven’s String Quartet in A minor, Op. 132” looks at Beethoven’s late style and his fear of his impending death.  Presenter Dr. Vicki Stroeher, professor of music history at Marshall, said that this work was written at a time when Beethoven thought he might be dying.

“Beethoven was ill for several months in late 1824 and early 1825,” Stroeher said. “Because his illness showed no signs of diminishing, he truly thought that he was going to die, but still he managed to write some absolutely sublime music. When he recovered, he wrote what he called his ‘Holy Song of Thanksgiving,’ and included sections that seem to portray his recovery. Author Aldous Huxley was so taken by it that he wrote his experience of the work into his novel, Point Counterpoint. We’ll be exploring how Beethoven’s music is designed to elicit such a response.”

Seating is limited. Participants are invited to arrive early to enjoy conversation and refreshments.

Organizers ask for a $10 donation, payable at the door. Checks should be made payable to Marshall University. All proceeds will go to support the music program. MU students get in free with a Marshall ID.

For more information about MUsic Mondays, call the School of Music at 304-696-3117.