Apply to the Music Program

We appreciate your interest in Marshall University’s¬†School of Music. This online application is part of the admissions process as an undergraduate student entering the School of Music. Graduate applicants click here.

Music Application

  • For full acceptance into the School of Music, you must also be accepted into the university. An application to Marshall University can be completed at After you have completed the application below, you will be contacted about the audition day schedule. Specific audition times will be given at check-in on the audition day.
  • Audition Date Selection

  • After you submit this form you will be redirected to another page to select your audition date. Please complete that form and you will be notified once your audition date has been confirmed.
  • Available audition dates are: January 25, 2020, February 7, 2020, February 15, 2020, March 7, 2020. Or you may request to schedule a special audition date.
  • Music Training and Experience

  • Academic Information