Jazz Degrees


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Jazz Studies

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Jazz Studies at Marshall University provides the theoretical background and performance experiences necessary for the graduate to succeed as a jazz musician in the rigors of today’s music profession.

Thirteen classes are offered in Jazz Studies, including:

Jazz Improvisation I-IV Jazz Theory
Jazz Arranging Jazz History
Studio Lessons Jazz Ensembles
Jazz Combos/Small Group Jazz Literature
Jazz Pedagogy Jazz Styles
Jazz Class Piano

BFA Jazz Studies Degree Outlines & Checklists:

Degree Outline 2017-2018 Degree Outline 2016-2017 Degree Outline 2015-2016
4 Year Plan 2017-2018 4 Year Plan 2016-2017 4 Year Plan 2015-2016 4 Year Plan 2011-2012 4 Year Plan 2010-2011
Checklist 2017-2018 Checklist 2016-2017 Checklist 2015-2016 Checklist 2013-2015 Checklist 2010-2013

Master of Arts (MA) in Jazz Studies

Required Classes (27 Credits)

MUS 6XX    Applied Music (8)
MUS 512     Advanced Jazz Pedagogy and Conducting (3)
MUS 559     Jazz Ensemble (4)
MUS 560     Jazz Improv Ensemble (4)
MUS 513     Advanced Jazz Styles and Analysis  (2)
MUS 621     Music Research Methods (3)
MUS 681     Recital (3)

Electives (5 Credits)

MUS 649     Advanced Jazz Arranging (3)
MUS 631     Advanced Jazz Improvisation (2)
MUS 657     Jazz History (3)
Other Graduate Music Courses

Students must follow departmental policies in preparing and presenting the graduate performance recital.