Ben Eng


Ben Eng is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Marshall University’s Lewis College of Business and Brad D. Smith Schools of Business. He is also the executive director and co-founder of the iCenter, which the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation.

Eng teaches marketing and entrepreneurship courses where his students learn by applying cutting-edge techniques on real businesses to solve real problems. In 2018, Eng won the Pickens-Queen Teacher Award, which is Marshall University’s highest teaching award for newer faculty members. In 2019, he won the Robert P. Alexander Mentorship Award, which goes to the faculty member in the College of Business who demonstrates excellence in mentoring students.

His research focuses on design thinking and celebrity branding. Eng’s research papers have been accepted in the Journal of Product and Brand Management and Sage Research Methods. He has presented his research at conferences such as the Association for Consumer Research North American Conference and the Society for Advancement of Management International Busines Conference.

Before his career in academia, he worked in the entertainment industry at one of Hollywood’s leading talent agencies – United Talent Agency. He received his Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University, his MBA from Marshall University, and his Ph.D. in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University.

A native of Huntington, WV, Eng maintains strong ties to the local community. He learned the importance of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship from his parents who owned and operated a local Chinese restaurant named Ming’s Restaurant for over 30 years. He serves on the board of directors at the Developmental Therapy Center and Goodwill of KYOWVA and is an avid supporter of his high school alma mater, St. Joseph Central High School in downtown Huntington.

PhD, Southern Illinois University, 2014
MBA, Marshall University, 2009
BA, James Madison University, 2000
LCOB Advisory Board Robert P. Alexander Mentorship Award, LCOB Advisory Board, October 2019
Robert Bruce Hayes Award in Service Excellence, LCOB, May 2019
Community Leadership Award, Coalfield Development, April 2019
Pickens Queen Teaching Award Winner, Marshall University, May 2018
Robert Bruce Hayes Award in Service Excellence, LCOB, May 2016
BUSN 100: Introduction to Business
MKT 340: Marketing Concepts and Applications
MKT 511: Marketing and Management
MKT 682: Advanced Marketing Management
Eng, B., & Jarvis, C. B. (2020). Consumers and their celebrity brands: How personal narratives set the stage for attachment, Journal of Product and Brand Management, 29(6).
Eng, B., McKinney, R. E., & Rogner, I. (2019). Partnering with corporate entrepreneurs on an experiential design thinking project. Business Education Innovation Journal, 11(1), 252-258.
Eng, B., McKinney, R. E., & Shao, L. P. (2019). The impact of intervention measures on sexual harassment in the film and television industry. Journal of International Management Studies, 19, 5-10.
McKinney, R. E., Eng, B., & York, O. (2019). Rapid experimentation: The Silicon Valley method of success. Sage Research Methods Cases Part 2.
Brand communities, Brand management, Creative entrepreneurship, Digital marketing, E-business, Education, Entrepreneurial behavior, Design thinking, and Innovation
Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, 2014 to Present
Board of Directors, Goodwill, January 2020 to Present
Trade and Investment Advisory Board Member, Congress of the United States, 3rd District, West Virginia, May 2020 to Present
Board of Directors, Developmental Therapy Center, January 2016 to Present