Robin McCutcheon


Dr. McCutcheon is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Department of Finance, Economics, and International Business at the Lewis College of Business at Marshall University. Her favorite topics in Economics to teach are Principles of Micro- and Macro-economics, Comparative Economic Systems, and History of Thought. Dr. McCutcheon’s research interests include the macroeconomy, the stock market and stock pricing, money and banking, demographics, and long-run trends. She has recently discovered an interest in understanding the unintended consequences of public policy, and being able to predict with accuracy the outcomes of policy actions in the broad economy, the stock market, and particular industries. Dr. McCutcheon’s scholarly work can be found in the Journal of Private Enterprise, Advances in Economics and Business, and Seeking Alpha.

PhD, Economics, Wayne State University, 2009
MA, Applied Economics, Eastern Michigan University, 2000
BS, Actuarial Sciences, Eastern Michigan University, 1992
LCOB Outstanding Non-Tenured Professor, May 2011
McCutcheon, R. S. (2020). US health care’s biggest problem: AMA monopolization of the physician labor supply. The Journal of Private Enterprise 35(1), 77-103.
McCutcheon, R. S. (2019). An editorial on academic freedom to preserve liberty in teaching. Advances in Economics and business, 7(6),109-114.
McCutcheon, R. S., McCoy, D.O., L. (2019). Physician-to-patient direct primary care: Entrepreneurial country doctors offer a new medical business model. Advances in Economics and business, 7(4),152 – 161.
ECN 200: Survey of Economics
ECN 250: Principles Microeconomics
ECN 253: Principles Macroeconomics
ECN 408: Comparative Economic Systems
ECN 456: Labor Economics
ECN 501: Economic Analysis
MPNA 715: Health Economics
Associate Professor of Economics, Marshall University, College of Business, August 2016 to Present
Assistant Professor of Economics, Marshall University, College of Business, August 2010 to July 2016
Committee Member, Tri-State Pilot's Association, April 2011 to Present
Guest Speaker, Dr. Dave Janda Radio Show, February 2018 to January 2020