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Established in September 2020 with a vision of transforming the region by preparing the next generation of sales and service leaders, we at the Service Wire Company Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center are seeking innovative, customer-centric organizations as partners to spearhead this effort. By creating a new, interdisciplinary center for sales and service education, research, and practice, we will transform business education and practice by adopting an integrated approach to sales and service interactions and relationship building.

The Sales Center has two differentiating features. First, it is among the first university centers in the United States that formally recognizes the connection between sales and service and prepares our students on both fronts. Both salespeople and service providers are frontline employees who have direct social interactions with the customers and focus on relationship building. In many cases, an employee can play the dual role of salesperson and service provider.

Our goal is to contribute to the region’s economic development through retaining young talents in the region and developing a forward-thinking, customer-centric workforce in one of the biggest job fields – sales and service.

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Clifton Dedrickson
Director, Service Wire Company Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center
Corbly Hall 410

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