The Marshall University Service Wire Company Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center has a mission to contribute to the local region’s economic development through training and retaining the next generation of workforce in the biggest job fields – sales and service. We at the the Sales Center are seeking a forward-thinking, customer-centric organizations as partners/ sponsors to spearhead this effort. Together, we will transform business education and practice by adopting an integrated approach to sales and service interactions and relationship building.

Why Become the Service Wire Company Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center’s Partner/Sponsor?

Being our Partner/ Sponsor, your organization will have access to a unique sales talent pool. According to key statistics (Forbes et al., 2014):

  • Organizations with new college graduate hired into entry level sales positions from university sales programs experience a 30% lower turnover rate.
  • Organizations also experience 50% faster ramp-up time compared to hiring recent graduates from universities with no sales programs.

Your organization will be more efficient and effective if you have more productive salespeople. Other benefits for our partners/ sponsors are listed below.

Partner/Sponsor Benefits

  • Co-branding and naming opportunities
  • Sponsor of the Marshall sales competitions
  • Opportunity to provide real-life sales call scenarios for Marshall sales competitions (i.e., students will sell the sponsor’s chosen product to company reps and judges)
  • Member of the Sales Center’s Advisory Board
  • Become corporate fellows of the Sales Center
  • Speaking opportunities for students
  • Participation in sales-related career fairs and networking events
  • Sales or service workshops offered to the sponsor’s personnel
  • Access to student and faculty

To Get Involved…

For Organizations

To become a sponsor:

  • Different tiers (gold, silver, and bronze) to customize your benefits

To become a founding partner:

  • Naming opportunity for a substantial donor

For Individuals

To become a fellow of the Sales Center:

  • Unique speaking/ consulting opportunities
  • Become a Sales Trainer

To become a volunteer:

  • Access to the Service Wire Company Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center events


Would like to partner up as an organization or an individual?
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