Message from the Dean

Maximize Your Delta: Elevate Your Skills and Capabilities

At the Brad D. Smith Schools of Business, we are laser-focused on transforming learners into sought-after professionals with an undeniable delta: the measurable improvement between your starting point and the impactful graduate you’ll become.

For aspiring business leaders

  • Congratulations on choosing The Lewis College of Business. Get ready to experience our brand-new 77,000 square foot facility, designed to accelerate your growth.
  • Your development doesn’t stop here. Even years after graduation, we empower you to thrive in a globalized world. Join us virtually or on-campus to experience the exhilaration of lifelong learning.

For ambitious professionals

  • Take your career to the highest level. Our flexible 3-year DBA program propels you towards leadership or academic positions in healthcare, accounting, or management.
  • Consider the Marshall MBA, Master of Accountancy, MIS, HR, or any of our healthcare master’s. Studies show that learning after 30 fosters adaptability and resilience, enriching your life personally and professionally.

For forward-thinking organizations

  • Invest in your people, invest in your future with Marshall. We create customized learning programs to address your unique needs and propel your team towards C-level performance.
  • Marshall graduates deliver proven results. Employers across West Virginia rely on Marshall-trained talent for sustainable growth and innovation. 83% of Marshall graduates in business stay and work in West Virginia.

Your Delta Awaits

  • Certificates, bachelor’s, master’s, or DBA: Choose the path that aligns with your goals and maximize your delta.
  • Affordable excellence: Marshall offers an exceptional return on investment, with programs like accounting boasting a 15-20x return over 20 years.

Embrace lifelong learning. Unlock your potential. Join the Lewis College of Business community.

Engage with us:

  • Contact us at to explore graduate options or certificates.
  • Join our vibrant community of learners and leaders.

Remember, the answer is “yes.” Investing in your business skills fuels your happiness, career success, and impact. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Don Capener, PhD

Dean of the Lewis College of Business