Message from the Dean

At the Brad D. Smith Schools of Business, we grow and develop learners into sought-after business professionals. We are arguably West Virginia’s most powerful talent engine. Every year our graduates and working student body contributes to this region’s economic development in ways no other program can boast. Speaking for the entire Lewis College, we are so excited to be moving into a brand-new facility in December. We will be expanding our capabilities with this new building and our team members. More exciting announcements are on the way!

Firstly, I want to congratulate those who have already chosen the Lewis College of Business. We are excited to greet you in this new academic year. For those who earned a degree years ago, we want to help you get ahead and compete globally. John Coleman headlined the recent Harvard Business Review article “Lifelong [Business] Learning Is Good for Your Health, Your Wallet, and Your Social Life”. I could not have summarized the benefits of a business education any better. For those who obtained a master’s we offer a flexible, 3-year Doctor of Business Administration program.

Maybe you open your mind to the possibilities of an MBA or health-related master’s credential? Researchers concluded learning after 30 years-old helped women and men better adapt to change and the stresses of life. The more lifelong learners in our area, the more likely the Tri-State community becomes an even more desirable place to work, live, and retire. I encourage all of you to create a personal enrichment plan for 2024. Part of that plan should involve the Lewis College of Business. Through certificates or a bachelors, masters, or DBA, you and your company can enhance achieve your 2024 learning and innovation goals and be more prepared for technological change.

Importantly, formal learning experiences bring about enhanced meaning to our lives. Lifelong learning keeps us active contributors to our community even after retirement or financial success. Learning a new skill makes you more curious and hungrier for more. There is a direct correlation with high levels of education and financial success. Marshall’s graduates from the Lewis College are among the higher earners in our state.

If you manage a business, it is even more important to model intellectual curiosity by funding and sustaining your own learning organization. We can help you build a program customized to your organization’s needs and challenges. We have proven to the state’s top employers that our graduates are highly likely to grow and mature into C-level performers. Our next step is to reach out to me or anyone on our team.

Is Lifelong [Business] Learning Good for Your Health, Your Wallet, and Your Social Life? The answer is “yes”.  Learning new things and skills will make you happier and more financially successful. In terms of return on your educational investment, Marshall’s program fees are modest, and the financial returns are great. Many of our programs, such as accounting boast a 15x return over a 20-year career. I hope to see you involved in one of our programs soon. You won’t regret it.

Don Capener, PhD

Dean of the Lewis College of Business