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Adobe Creative Cloud Installation

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of software is now available, at no cost, to eligible Marshall faculty, staff, and students for download as a “named-user license.”  This “named-user license” will allow eligible students, faculty, or staff members to install and run the complete Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on up to two computers that they use – including their own personal computer – but is limited to one active computer at a time.

Eligible Students that are enrolled in a major under the College of Arts and Media (CAM) and other select courses are able to easily download Adobe Creative Cloud for installation on their computer.

Step 1) Begin  To begin the Installation, Click Here to be redirected to Adobe.

Step 2) Download  Once directed to the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application page, click the blue download button towards the top of the page.

Step 3) Signing In  After installation, Marshall University student/faculty enter their Marshall University e-mail address. That address is checked to match a registered SSO provider with Adobe. If so, you’ll be moved on to SSO.  This sign-in will verify activation of your new license, check for any updates, and mount your Creative Cloud drive, and enable your access to the “Apps” menu.











Step 4) Authenticate using Marshall SSO (formerly Enterprise ID) Marshall students, faculty and employees will be redirected to Marshall’s Single Sign-On (SSO) Gateway where you will login once again with your MUNet username and password. Note, previously the username portion was being auto-filled with the e-mail address provided during Step 1. This appears to no be the case. So re-enter your MUnet Username.














Step 5) You will be prompted to begin the installation. Once complete, you will select and install the applications needed. If there were previous Adobe products installed, these items will be automatically linked to your Creative Cloud Desktop App menu (no reinstall is necessary).








Still having issues with installing or updating your Creative Cloud software? Contact the IT Service Desk.

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