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Connecting your Xbox

Students can easily connect media devices to WIFI!

1. First You need to find the MAC address on your device.

Instructions to find MAC address

1. Go to My Xbox in the Xbox dashboard and select “System Settings”

2. Click “Network Settings”, then select “Configure Network”

3. Select “Advanced Settings” from the “Additional Settings” tab, then select Alternate Mac Address.

4. At the bottom you will see “Wireless MAC”

5. Proceed to device registration.

1. Press the “Menu” button on your controller.

2. Navigate to the “Settings” page

3. Select “Network”

4. Select “Advanced Settings”

5. The MAC Address will be listed next to the “Wireless MAC” on the right side of the screen.

6. Proceed to device registration

2. Go to and sign in with your MUNet credentials.

3. On that page, you can manage your devices. To add a device, click add.

  • You will need to register your device ID as the MAC or physical Address to your device. It consists of 12 alphanumeric characters and must be entered into the system as 6 alphanumeric numbers pares separated by colons. ex: A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6
  • If you are still having trouble finding your MAC Address, contact the device manufacture for assistance. However, it can be commonly found under the WIFI settings.

4. Connect your device to the MU Device Net network.


Still having trouble? Click Here for other instructions.