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FAQ – OneDrive Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is an online could storage system within Office 365 that allows students, staff and faculty to securely store their documents and files. OneDrive allows users to collaborate and share files with fellow classmates and colleagues, both internally and externally. OneDrive is unique in that it offers many security, sharing, and accessibility features for many document and file types.

What is OneDrive at Marshall intended for?

OneDrive is intended to be a self-managed, personal storage location where items are only available to the account holder unless they specifically share them out to either a) other Marshall OneDrive users; or b) other Marshall OneDrive groups (teams); or c) they create a file or folder specific link where only the recipient(s) of the link can access the files; or d) shared with the world.

Visit for details on sharing options.

How much storage will I have with OneDrive?

Default OneDrive size is 1 full terabyte of storage. If you run out of storage, you can submit an IT Support ticket and Marshall can increase that up to 5TB.

Is this a replacement for “V Drive”?

Yes, this is a replacement for the MUPFC  (Marshall University Personal File Cabinet) V:\ drive share that was previously provided to all Marshall University students.  This is not (at this current time) related to or meant to be a replacement to the Medix V:\ drive that is provided to MUSOM students.

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