Personal Websites

Marshall University currently offers students, faculty & staff the ability to create and maintain personal websites hosted off of Marshall’s servers which has a total of 200MB of space available for network file storage.

Service Description

  1. Creating a personal web page can be done by simply reserving your space on MUPFC (Marshall University Personal File Cabinet), or commonly referred to as your V: drive, this can be done by creating a folder and naming the folder “public_html”.

    Complete the following steps to create a “public_html” folder on your V: drive.
    If you currently reside off campus please click here and follow the instructions to creating your personal web folder.

  2. To create a default page place an index.html file in your “public_html” folder. note: Any files placed in the ‘public_html” folder will be fully public and viewable by anyone on the web.
  3. Finally, the web address for your webpage is user name ex:

About MU Web Server:
The following versions of software are available on the MU web server: Apache 2.2.17

Please note:
You may not create a personal university web page for a business, this is against the acceptable use policy which in part states that the ITE “..may NOT be used for commercial or profit making purposes.” For more information on policies, see Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

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