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Server Management Services

This service is made available as needed for a fee.

There are many diverse learning and technical environments here at Marshall University. Sometimes a department will require a service that is unique and not currently available on campus. When these one-off needs arise and a server is required to host that service, the IT Infrastructure Systems offer services to manage and maintain the department server for a fee. FY16 Rate Schedule
The ITI Systems can provide the following:

  • Assistance in determining the server system specs that are needed for CPU, memory and storage.
  • Provisioning, configuration, and management of a physical or virtual server hosted in the Drinko Library Datacenter which has fully redundant cooling and power with an onsite dedicated generator.
  • Installation, file and security configuration, patching, and troubleshooting of Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix operating systems.
  • 24×7 onsite and offsite monitoring of service status.
  • Security and backup configuration, monitoring, and logging.
  • IIS, MS SQL, MySQL, Tomcat, and Apache support as needed.

Service Description


$100 per month


$300 per month


$900 per month


$2,000 per month


$5,000 per month


$10,000 per month

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