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Adobe Sign


Adobe Sign is a cloud-based service for collecting e-signatures that allows users to send, sign and track documents. It can be used to create web forms, templates and workflows that make managing document signatures and authorizations more routine and completely electronic.

Key Features

  • Easily upload and send documents for electronic signature.
  • Signing with Adobe Sign is faster, safer and more accessible than using traditional paper processes.
  • Electroni signatures are legally binding in the US and most countries.
  • Quickly access and sign documents that require signature.
  • Send, manage and track documents using the Adobe Sign mobile App in iOS and Android.
  • Readily check a document’s status, send reminders, view audit trails, and securely store online.
  • Create templates using existing forms to help streamline the sending process.
  • Oversee document workflow by identifying and managing recipients and routing.
  • Make forms available online allowing for self-service and ease of accessibility.

Create reusable documents for your most common signature and approval processes.

How do I obtain an electronic signature account?

Users who only sign or approve documents do not need a licensed account. AdobeSign is charged on per-use base. To request a university licensed Adobe Sign account, please complete this form.

What files types can I use?

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx)
  • WordPerfect (.WP)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Rich text (.RTFM)
  • Graphics (.jpg, .JPEG, .gif, .tiff, .bmp and .png)
  • Web (.HTML)

Who can see the documents I send via Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign electronic signature requests are sent directly to the email address(es) of the signer(s) that you specify before you send a document. Only someone with access to that email address will have the ability to open and sign the document.

Can recipients sign a document on a mobile device?

Yes. Adobe Sign supports web-enabled phones and tablet devices as long as the device has a web browser.

Can I store signed documents on Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign archives signed documents, but always make sure to store a local copy of signed documents by downloading them to your computer or saving a print copy.

Can I send sensitive documents with Adobe Sign?

No. Do not use Adobe Sign to send or store documents containing sensitive information (e.g., Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers).

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