IT Service Desk Update

IT Service Desk technicians are on duty. Please connect with us via Chat, Telephone or email. If you need one on one, in person assistance please contact us to schedule an appointment.

TECI Advisory Board



Laura Stapleton
Instructor, Mathematics
Shannon Miller-Mace
Instructor, Mathematics
Michael Schroeder
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Diana Stotts
Professor, Nursing
Debra Young
Instructor, Social Work
Wendy Trzyna
Assistant Professor, Biology
Shawn Schulenberg
Associate Professor, Political Science
Damien Arthur
Assistant Professor, Political Science
Rick Weible
Professor, MIS
Kelli Prejean
Associate Professor, English
Allison Carey
Chair, Associate Professor, English
Kristen Lillvis
Assistant Professor, English
Dan Holbrook
Professor, History
Jonathan Day-Brown
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Johan Botes
Assistant Professor, Music
Jim Booth
Instructional Technologist, COS
Albert Simon
IT Consultant Sr, COEPD Dean’s Office
Rick Bledsoe
Instructional Technologist, LCOB
Gary Hall
Manager, Information Services
Edward Aractingi
Associate VP for IT/CIO
Ryan Adkins
Instructional Technologist, IT
Husien Al-Qawasmi
Instructional Technologist, CITE
Nick Slate
Instructional Technologist, COS
Sonja Cantrell
University Registrar
Carl Mummert
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Holly Dunmore
Director, Academic Information Services, SOM
Travis Bailey
Director, Physical Plant
Amad Mirzakhani
Manager, Information Services
Danny Holland
Planner Est.
Paul Carico
Associate Director, Physical Plant
Homer Preece
Director, OCS Special Projects
Bravin Hughart
IT Consultant, MOVC
Billy Biggs
Senior Associate Registrar
April Fugett
Associate Director, CTL
Jody Perry
Exec. Director, Technology Services, IT