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Information Security Online Self-Paced Courses

These resources are provided courtesy of MS-ISAC. They have information that may be useful and are provided as a general reference only. We do not warrant the accuracy of any information contained in the resources and neither endorse nor promote the advertising of any resources. The information provided is by no means an exhaustive list, however, it can be utilized as a foundation from which you can build your knowledge and further pursue these topics on your own.

Software Engineering Institute & Carnegie Mellon CERT
The CERT Program is chartered to work with the internet community in detecting and resolving computer security incidents, as well as taking steps to prevent future incidents.


InfraGard Awareness
InfraGard Awareness is a FREE information security awareness course that will help you understand how you can help make your workplace more secure. It will also teach you vital skills to protect yourself and your family from cybercrime and identity theft. The course is free to all individuals and small businesses. When you have completed the course, you can become one of the first in the nation to earn your “Certificate in Information Security Awareness in the Workplace,” an invaluable addition to any resume that will be welcomed by security conscious employers.


Idaho National Labs: National SCADA Test Bed Training Program
Various courses are available through Idaho National Laboratory NSTB program. All courses are designed to increase Cyber Security Awareness and Defensive Capabilities for IT/Control System managers, IT/Control System security personnel, network and control system support engineers, and control system designers and developers who are involved in or responsible for control system cyber security. The courses are geared toward systems in the energy sector, but are relevant to most control system environments. The 4 and 8 hour courses are certified for NERC continuing education credits.


Cyberterrorism Defense Initiative (formerly Sentinel) Training
The Cyberterrorism Defense Initiative (CDI) is a national counter-cyberterrorism training program, developed for technical personnel and managers who monitor and protect our nation’s critical infrastructures. CDI reaches all levels of public service, including state and local government, law enforcement, firefighting, public utilities, public safety and health, emergency medical services, and colleges and universities. Classes are free of charge to qualified personnel, and are held in easily accessible and centralized locations throughout the United States.


MS-ISAC National Webcasts
The National Webcast Initiative is a collaborative effort between government and the private sector to help strengthen our nation’s cyber readiness and resilience. These webcasts are free and open to everyone.


SANS Webcasts
SANS Webcasts are live web broadcasts that allow you to hear a knowledgeable speaker while viewing presentation slides that you download in advance. You need the latest version of Java and Citrix GoToMeeting™ (free downloads are available on the webcast access page), and a SANS Portal account. If you don’t have an account, just go to the SANS Portal page and fill out the simple registration form – it’s free! Once you have an account you can also access an archive of past webcasts.