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IT Service Desk technicians are on duty. Please connect with us via Chat, Telephone or email. If you need one on one, in person assistance please contact us to schedule an appointment.

IT Service Desk

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Drinko Library 1st Floor

Desk Hours
1:00 PM Sunday –
6:00 PM Friday
(24 hours)
Sa: 10:00AM – 6:00PM

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Virtual Machine Services

This service is made available as needed for a fee.

A virtual machine is a software implementation of a physical PC or server. Operating systems and applications on physical servers typically only utilize a fraction of the available resources. The hypervisor utilizes all of the physical hardware, separates the virtual machines, and takes advantage of unused resources by sharing them with multiple VMs. Virtualization provides resiliency as guest virtual machines can be moved between hosts in the event of a host failure minimizing or avoiding downtime for the guest virtual machine.

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