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WiFi Troubleshooting

There are a variety of reasons why students, faculty, or staff may experience wireless connection issues on campus. Issues such as not being able to connect to MU WiFi, limited or no connectivity, intermittent connectivity, slow performance, or weak signals could be avoided by using a wired ethernet connection. Wired connections are faster, more secure and dependable. However, because most people today prefer the convenience of wireless, here are some suggestions from MU Information Technology team to help with everyday use of Marshall’s wireless networks.

Are you on the right network (MU WiFi)?
Still not connecting?
Are you connected to the closest WiFi hot spot?
Are your drivers up to date?
Do you or one of your neighbors use a wireless printer or other personal WiFi device?
Did you accidentally turn your device’s WiFi off?
Do you have an old password stored?


Remember You’re Using a Shared Medium

Wi-Fi connections by definition are slower than wired connections. Remember, wireless is a shared medium. Wi-Fi can lose 5-10 Mbs of speed due to such things as the position of the internal antenna on a laptop, the manufacturer of the device, and/or the drivers of the internal wireless card. Manufacturers are always submitting driver updates to improve hardware performance. Even though everything you read will tell you the 802.11n Wi-Fi protocol is the fastest connection, these reports omit the fact that Wi-Fi connection speeds are easily and often degraded by many factors.

The time of day could be a factor in slow or sluggish performance. Access to a website that works great at 8 a.m. but seems slow at 10 p.m. does not necessarily mean the campus network speed is slow. It has to do with the fact that students tend to use the network more at night compared to other times of the day. We are aware that some residential halls have peak hours and we are continuously working to improve connectivity.

Be Specific When Reporting Problems to the IT Service Desk

MUIT support staff needs as much information as possible to accurately diagnose wireless issues and offer solutions. Please note:  social media platforms like Twitter are not the official way to report an issue.  When reporting network problems to the IT Service Desk,, 304-696-3200, please provide the following information:

  • The type of connection you are making to the network (wired ethernet? Wi-Fi via MU WiFi? MU_Guest? MU DeviceNet? Eduroam?)
  • Time of day
  • Location of where you are trying to connect from (name of campus building/floor or room number or residence hall and room number)
  • What type of device are you on

Additionally, you can click here to report a problem.

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