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Housing & Residence Life FAQs

Marshall is committed to providing the best WiFi experience for our campus users. While we recommend the use of wired connections on devices that support it, WiFi can be a great way to keep your device connected, though they are slower than our wired connections. Why?

It is shared by everyone in the area

Time of Day – Performance will drop during times of high-usage, especially late at night

Different devices can produce different experience in speed and consistency

Even the position of your device’s antenna can slow your speed

What is the name of the Marshall Wi-Fi network?

Marshall provides wireless network services for Marshall University students, faculty, staff and guests.

  • MU WiFi:  Secure Wi-Fi to be used by students, faculty, and staff
  • MU_Guest:  Open Wi-Fi network for guests and visitors
  • eduroam:  Secure Wi-Fi network that can be used by students and staff at Marshall University when they travel to other participating universities
  • MUDeviceNet:  Students living on campus can connect media devices like Apple TV and Roku and gaming devices.  Instructions for registering devices on

It is important to understand how to set up Wi-Fi for use at home, at school, and in public places. A safe configuration is one where your data will remain private and protected when transmitted via wireless.  Marshall University provides a safe configuration for MU WiFi that can be used by all students, faculty and staff.  This network requires clients to sign in with their university username and password.

Where can I access Wi-Fi on campus?

Marshall University Residence Hall rooms are wired with high-speed Ethernet connections,
as well as WiFi wireless access enabling high-speed data communications through network jacks
found on wall plates in every room. The Huntington campus and all Residence Halls have “Pervasive” WiFi
providing coverage and capacity to all residents.

Can I create my own personal Wi-Fi network at MU?

Creating and using separate personal WiFi networks at MU causes interference with the wireless network and results in diminished quality and reliability. Therefore, creating and using personal networks and routers are not permitted.

Experiencing problems with Wi-Fi? Try some of the steps below first

Using the Right Connection?

Make sure you are connecting to MU WiFi using your MUNet Username and Password. This is the WiFi network designated for our user community.

Old Password?

If you have changed your password, your device may have stored your old one. Try to re-enter your latest password. You may also need to “Forget This Network” first, and then reconnect to force the

Where can I access Wi-Fi on campus?

password change.

Did You Know?

Many computers have switches to turn WiFi Off and On. You may have turned your WiFi off by mistake, and a reboot will not fix that. Check your computer to make sure it’s turned on.

Non-Mobile Devices

The best experience for devices with built-in network jacks is Marshall’s wired network. Just plug in to the jack under your room’s WiFi access point.

Device Specific Instructions

Visit our How to Connect page.

Still Not Connected?

Turn your Airplane Mode ON and the OFF again to recalibrate your connection!

Moving through campus, your device will connect to different access points. If you lose connection, try this step again.

Is your device software up to date?

Your device may not connect due to out-of-date drivers from and older OS. Make sure you are running the latest software. If you need assistance, contact the IT Service Desk.

Network Congestion?

Personal Access Points and Routers can cause slow or dropped connections. Try turning off your device or ask your neighbor to do the same while you check your connection.

Still Having Trouble?

Contact the MUIT Service Desk in person at the Drinko Library, 1st floor, by phone at 304-696-3200, email:, or live chat below on this webpage for assistance