Full Deployment of Banner 9

01/09/19 –  Please note:  Additional updates will be added to the bottom of this post.

Marshall University Information Technology has been working with campus employees as we switch over to Banner 9 from the Banner 8 User Interface.  Ellucian, our Banner vendor, will no longer provide updates to Banner 8 after January 1, 2019.  We have reached this milestone and will be disabling access to the Ellucian Banner 8 forms at the end of this week.  The core Banner system is not changing, only the way Banner users interact with the Banner database.

** All Banner users should be using Banner 9**

Banner 9 is a web browser interface, and contains all of the Banner 8 features and functionality along with some new features.  Currently, the preferred browser to use is Firefox version 60 or higher.  We are actively working on making the Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers available as well.  These browsers currently work, but Firefox has shown to have fewer issues than the other browsers.

MUIT has put together an informational video which explains how to access Banner 9, and demonstrates some of the basic navigation differences you will experience moving from Banner 8.  There is also a Banner 9 Navigational Guide available for users.  All Banner 9 information can be found on the Banner 9 main page.

MUIT is providing several Banner 9 Navigation Training sessions through January 2019 that can be attended in person or remotely via Skype for Business.  Additional and up to date training information can be found on the Marshall University HR website in the “Banner Related Courses” section.  Please check the training site for schedule updates

If you have any problems accessing Banner 9 services or need technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk via chat, phone 304-696-3200, email itservicedesk@marshall.edu, or in person.


UPDATE:  01/11/19  ~Brent Maynard

Today will be that last day for Banner 8 Form access to the Marshall University Banner system.

Banner 9 training schedule has been updated on the HR training web page.

To help facilitate access to the Banner 9 forms, we are updating the Banner Web Page with a new menu structure.  For the next week or so, we are still recommending users use the Firefox browser to help alleviate the timeout issues with Banner 9.  After you return from the Martin Luther King holiday, the Banner 9 Forms environment will support all supported browsers.  More info will be coming next week.

Please review the following screen shot, and the menu options.  The first two links are the Production Banner 9 environment, with the first link for Firefox browsers and the second link for all others.  The third link gives access to the Custom Banner forms (FWAWV11, GWATPAC, etc).

The new web page will be published later this afternoon.

V: Drive Migration to One Drive [MUIT Services Change/Update]

Marshall University will be migrating all V: Drive storage to Microsoft OneDrive in the coming months. We will be creating V: Drive space for all new students for the 2019 spring term but will no longer provision V: Drive space for new users after February 2019.  We are continuing through February to accommodate any faculty who have specific V: Drive needs outlined in their syllabi. We ask that all faculty update your syllabi to reflect the use of Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive account instead.

All Marshall University Faculty and Staff that use the V: Drive for storage should, as soon as possible, migrate all your data to your OneDrive account.  Existing users will have access until Fall 2019, and it is recommended to have all contents moved from your V: Drive before the start of the Fall 2019 term.  You can do so by going to portal.microsoftonline.com, logging in with your MUNet username and password, choose “work or school account”, and simply drag and drop files into OneDrive. Alternatively, you can install the OneDrive desktop app and drag and drop files into a folder in that location.

Some of the benefits of using OneDrive are:

  • More storage space – 1 Terabyte (vs. 5 GB on V: Drive)
  • Recovering deleted items in Office 365
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Office 365 Mobile app available so you can access from anywhere on the go
  • Collaboration / sharing with colleagues or family and friends
  • Integration with other Microsoft Office 365 Applications

Additional information can be found at www.marshall.edu/it/office365 and individual training sessions can be scheduled by emailing it_training@marshall.edu.

As always, if you need technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk via chat, phone 304-696-3200, email itservicedesk@marshall.edu, or in person.

We Are… IT! Feature Friday – Shahid Ali

Shahid Ali

IT Systems Integration Specialist

What degrees do you hold?

Masters in Computer Science – Marshall University
Bachelors in Information Technology – University of Pune (India)

Describe your role in MUIT in 10 words for less:

ERP focused responsibilities and develop programmatic solutions to complex enterprise problems.

Favorite thing about working in IT or at MU:

Autonomy – I’m allowed to be Innovative.
Collaboration & Culture – Everyone in Marshall shares the same vision, work for the betterment of our organization and the community.

Favorite Restaurant in Huntington/Charleston area:

Laury’s Restaurant in Charleston.

Favorite Vacay Spot:

California Bay Area.

Who inspires you?:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo. This quote reflects my ideology. Travelling is one of my parallel inclinations. I feel there is so much to absorb from the world, and every new destination makes us wiser and more experienced than before.

Currently Watching/Binging:

Seal Team, Altered Carbon and Boss Baby Series

Something you can’t live without?:

Family – My family, is, was and, always will be my strength
Professionalism – In order to compete and keep up the pace with the competitive world, it is equally important to embrace your inner self

Most adventurous thing you’ve done?:

An aerobatic thrill ride in the World War II Stearman Biplane.

Coolest thing you’re currently working on?:

AR SDK for developing iOS App.


Playing guitar and reading books.

Additional Interests:

I volunteer with Marshall Artists Series to work at Keith Albee Performing Arts Center.


MATLAB/MathWorks Updates and fixes – 10/25/18

Marshall University Information Technology has received the following from MatLab/MathWorks:

“MathWorks recently introduced “Updates” available between the normal twice-yearly releases of MATLAB and Simulink. Each of these Updates contains a cumulative set of bug and security fixes that you can apply to an existing installation. Starting in R2018b, users will receive notification on the MATLAB desktop when Updates are available.

The current release, R2018b, already contains these bug and security fixes. For previous releases, bug fix and security Updates for R2013b – R2018a are now available. Learn more and download bug fix and security Updates for these previous releases if you use them.

MathWorks provides information about bug and security issues of general interest through the Bug Report System on MathWorks.com. Issue descriptions, workarounds, and Updates are communicated there. To be notified automatically via email about new bugs, security issues, and Updates, create a watchlist to track issues of interest.

MathWorks Customer Service Team

IT continues observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The Marshall University Information Technology (IT) department is participating in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) to raise awareness of Cyber Security issues. Throughout the month of October, Marshall IT will continue to share information from the national campaign.

Week 4 will emphasize the importance of securing our critical infrastructure and highlight the roles the public can play in keeping it safe. In addition, it will lead the transition into November’s Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, which is spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Our nation’s critical infrastructure runs on the Internet. The systems that enable us to live our daily lives—the electrical systems, financial institutions, transportation systems, and more—are all dependent upon a digital ecosystem. As cybersecurity breaches continue to rise in frequency and scale, it is critical for all Marshall Students, Faculty and Staff to understand their role and take steps to protect our critical infrastructure.

To find out more information and ways to get involved in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, visit www.marshall.edu/it/ncsam-2018/.

MATLAB Support Change

Below is an update from MATLAB:

If you have installed MATLAB on a platform that is impacted by a support change.

MathWorks periodically updates platform support and has made the following changes:

New Platforms

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Support begins with R2018b.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15: Support begins with R2018b.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15: Support begins with R2018b.

Dropped Platforms

  • Windows 8.1: Support has ended as of R2018b.
  • macOS 10.11 “El Capitan”: Support has ended as of R2018b.

See the complete set of system requirements and the platform road map for the latest information on planned platform changes to MathWorks products.

MathWorks Customer Service Team

MU Information Security Alert

A number of fradulent emails have been circulating with various subjects and @live.marshall.edu senders, all with message bodies looking similar to the image below.  Many accounts are continuing to be compromised. Please DO NOT CLICK any links in messages which look similar to the image below, or any other messages before verifying the sender, verifying the URL, and ensuring you expect the message and that it is legitimate.




  1. (Optional) Report a suspicious email message sent to your @marshall.edu email address by forwarding the message to phishing@marshall.edu. You will receive an auto-reply confirming receipt of the message as well as additional instructions.
  2. Delete the message from your inbox.
  3. As long as you did not attempt to open the attachment, reply/click on the web link, or provide any personal information, no additional action is needed; however…
  4. If you attempted to open an attachment or visited a website where you submitted your username, password or other sensitive information, you should immediately contact the Marshall IT Service Desk at (304) 696-3200 / itservicedesk@marshall.edu.


Security Tip: Use of the ‘Skeptical Hover Technique’ Most email applications allow you to simply hover your mouse – without clicking – over an embedded web link to preview where the hidden link will try to send you if you should click it.


ALWAYS be suspicious of any unexpected email messages (regardless of the source) which include file attachments,  web URL’s, or are written with a sense of urgency that you must provide computer passwords or reveal personal financial information.


Phishing Scams and Compromised Accounts – What Should I Do?



InfoSec Tips #7: Don’t Be Tricked



Thank you for your continued awareness,



Drinko Library and Information Center to host open house Sept. 5

Faculty and staff are invited to join Libraries and Online Learning and the Division of Information Technology for the 2018 Drinko Open House from 3 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 5, on the 3rd floor of the Drinko Library and Information Center on the Huntington campus.

During the event, guests will be encouraged to take a tour of Drinko Library to learn more about IT and Library and Online Learning services including circulation, inter-library loans, the Writing Center, Instructional Design Center, ID Office, IT Service Desk, Marshall Digital Scholar and more.

The event will also showcase the location of all service areas in the building as well as information about additional services available from both departments and refreshments will be available.

More info at:


Tech Up Session Tonight!


Come join us!

Students, faculty and staff are invited to attend a Tech-up Open House Wednesday, August 29 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Drinko Library and Information Center Room 138 on the Huntington campus.

Brush up on your technology skills in navigating the library’s electronic resources and services and using Blackboard through MUOnLine.  IT staff will be on-hand to provide an overview of myMU and assist with other computer or wireless questions.

For more information, please visit www.marshall.edu/techup