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Microsoft announced for May 2023, the default notification method for Microsoft Authenticator App will change from a push Approve/Decline model to a number matching model. Designed to reduce bad actor MFA fatigue attacks on end users, the number matching system cannot be abused like its predecessor.  On Monday, May 1st, 2023, Marshall University Information Technology will push

As of June 30, 2023, the university-wide subscription to LinkedIn Learning will be ending. While it is a great resource for skills training, learning, and professional development, usage of LinkedIn Learning by the university community has been very low. If you are interested in continuing your LinkedIn Learning subscription, you can purchase an individual or

Access to the campus-licensed versions of the IBM/SPSS statistical software is currently unavailable due an issue with software licensing. Marshall IT is working with the vendor to expedite the delivery of the updated software license keys. This issue is expected to be resolved by mid-week (7/13/2022). If you have an on-campus computer or use SPSS

Banner and related services will be unavailable this weekend (2/11-2/12) for planned maintenance.

[STATUS UPDATE]: The underlying issue has been resolved. AWS continue to work on a fix for the individual service. For more details please see     Marshall University Blackboard courses, organizations, and tools is currently experiencing a service outage. There is an Amazon Web Services outage that is currently affecting access to Blackboard courses,

The following is a message from Information Technology to all freshman students and has been approved by the IT Executive group: Marshall University Information Technology (MUIT) is working to consolidate all users’ UserPrincipalName (UPN) and primary email addresses to be If you are receiving this email communication it is because either your UserPrincipalName is

Description of the Incident: Starting in the evening of Friday October 23 and extending until early afternoon Saturday October 24, there were periodic disruptions in e-mail delivery services for members of the Marshall University community. The disruption was caused by a Microsoft enabled University-wide e-mail security measure – a circuit breaker of sorts – which

Apple Releases Security Updates to Address Zero-Day Spyware

Today, September 2nd, 2021, at approximately 5 AM Marshall University Information Technology lost connection to a Virtual Server (an ESX host) that took down several services in the MUIT data center including Banner, Degree Works, File Box and others.  The MUIT Systems team is currently assessing the situation and will provide our Applications team a

Service-Restored-Transact eAccounts Service Outage