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IT Service Desk technicians are on duty. Please connect with us via Chat, Telephone or email. If you need one on one, in person assistance please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Technology Resources for Temporary Remote Working

Tech Access

If you don’t normally work remotely, there are a few things you consider, should it become necessary to work off-campus. Here are some of the essential questions to consider:

  • Do you have sufficient computer hardware to complete your normal and necessary work tasks?
  • Can you access the internet? Do you have sufficient bandwidth off-campus? If not, consider options from your cellular provider or alternate locations for working.
  • Do you have a university-owned device, or will it be necessary to use a personal home computer? Contact your IT support to discuss options and security.
  • Can you access all essential programs, such as your email, work calendar, myMU, Blackboard, Office 365 programs used for word processing (like Microsoft Word), presentation software (like PowerPoint) and spreadsheet software (like Excel)? Do you know where you can find additional tools to help you learn more about these programs, such as the Office 365 page which includes links to training for applications like Microsoft Teams (outside link).
  • Can you connect to any servers that you need?
  • Do you have a webcam, microphone, or headset to connect to Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business?
  • Do you have a surge protector that you can place between the electrical outlet and any computer to protect the equipment from faulty electrical fluctuations?

If you determine technology problems may prevent you from working remotely, check with your departmental or college IT for support.

What you need to do your job?

If you have a MU managed device (your office computer, laptop, or loaner equipment owned by MU), you can do the majority of your job with a normal internet connection. Access to Office 365 (e.g. Outlook, Teams, Skype, OneDrive), myMU, Banner, MUBert, Blackboard, and Zoom are all available by simply logging in to your computer and connecting to the internet, you may need to use the VPN. You can also access files on your OneDrive.

Using your Work Phone from Home
Using VPN
Using MURemote
Using OneDrive
Equipment Guidelines
Staying Connected - O365, S4B, MSTeams, Zoom and Hot Spots
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