Portfolio Presentations

The Qualifying Assessment Doctoral Portfolios from 2011 to 2017 are posted below and listed by Committee Chair.  These portfolios can be accessed by clicking on the links.  Hard copies of  Doctoral Portfolios are available at the South Charleston Campus Library.

Doctoral Portfolios

Dr. Dennis Anderson

Dr. Elizabeth Campbell

Dr. Ron Childress

Dr. Michael Cunningham

Dr. Nega Debela

  • Jenny Santilli

Dr. Teresa Eagle

Dr. Sherry Early

Dr. Michael Galbraith

Dr. Mary Harris-John

Dr. Lisa Heaton

Dr. Tom Hisiro

Dr. Cynthia Kolsun

  • Christina Wright:

Dr.  Eric Lassiter

Dr. Edna Meisel

Dr. Bobbi Nicholson

Dr. Fred Pauley

Dr. Sam Securro

Dr. James Sottile

Dr. Terrence Stange

Dr. Linda Spatig

Dr. Louis Watts